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Fall 2020 General Practice Digest

This is the 41st year of the Digest. Our Section has been active for more than 50 years, but since May, 1980, the Section has published the Digest 3 times a year. It is a summary update of the current significant developments in Texas law. A subscription is included in your section dues and is available to you online when it is published.

The current Fall 2020 digest is only available for members of the section here where you can download the whole digest as a PDF file with an interactive table of contents or browse the individual topics online from an HTML table of contents. The current letter from the Section's Chair is here. We do not get automatic membership updates from the State Bar. If you joined the section after September 9, 2020, we do not have your name in our database. Please notify the webmaster so you name can be added to the database.

If you are not a member, please browse our Spring 2020 issue, and if it is of value, join us. We think you will find it is a terrific way to keep up with the latest developments in several areas, or, if you already specialize, to keep up with your area within the broader context of the law.

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