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Our section devotes its energies primarily to the interests of lawyers who practice as solos and in small firms. We have been active for more than 40 years. Our section publishes a Digest and co-sponsors an annual Institute for general practitioners as well as other CLE programs. Our section has played a leadership role in several State Bar initiatives. Members of our Council are active on State Bar Committees, Task Forces, and the State Bar Board of Directors. We are active and serious advocates of policies and practices important to small firms, and we report on issues important to all lawyers.

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Our 34th year to cover the essentials of 16 areas of law.

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General Practice Institute
This is our signature CLE program that we sponsor with Baylor Law School. It will be presented on April 24. Preview the program here and download the flier here.

The Winter 2014-2015 General Practice Digest is Online
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What would you do if...
... the family court terminates your client's parental rights and the appeal court affirms but fails to detail the evidence as to why. Do you have an appealable case?

... you represent a father whose parental rights are terminated under a mediated settlement and he now claims he was under duress during the process. Do you have a case?

... your client has suffered roof damage but the insurance company will not inspect before more storms threaten. Your client fixes the roof and the insurance company refuses to cover the cost of repair. Did the insurance company act in good faith?

... your client wants to contest a will that gives the estate to her brother, but she has received some jewelry out of the estate. Under the code is she barred from contesting the will because of that gift?

The answers are in the
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Document Bank
We have implemented a document bank. If you have a pleading, brief, form or checklist that you would like to share with the other members of the GPSolo Section, post it here.

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