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Our section devotes its energies primarily to the interests of lawyers who practice as solos and in small firms. We have been active for more than 40 years. Our section publishes a Digest and co-sponsors an annual Institute for general practitioners as well as other CLE programs. Our section has played a leadership role in several State Bar initiatives. Members of our Council are active on State Bar Committees, Task Forces, and the State Bar Board of Directors. We are active and serious advocates of policies and practices important to small firms, and we report on issues important to all lawyers.

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The General Practice Digest
Our 36th year to cover the essentials of 16 areas of law.

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Policies and politics that affect the small firm.

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The Winter 2016-2017 General Practice Digest is Online
If you are a member you you may read it online or download a copy. Click the link above or to the right and go to the sign-in page.

Partial Sunsetting of Referenda
The old bugaboo of "Sunset" is besetting us again. The "Sunset Advisory Commission" has made its recommendation and it was mentioned in a blast email by Frank Stevenson to you back in October. Under the recommendtion, the referendum (that is, self-governance) has been preserved but only partially. See a comment and some resourses here. If you are interested in preserving your right to vote on your dues, make your voice known.

Our Resolutions Approved at the Bar Convention
These Resolutions were approved at the State Bar's 2016 Convention.

What would you do if...
... your client's case was orally dismissed by the Court but the Court did not render a written order until after 30 days expired. Was your opponent's Motion overruled as a matter of law?

... your client has been contacted by a debt collector on a time-barred claim, offering to settle it for 10 cents on the dollar. Does your client have a claim for unfair debt collection practices?

... your client is arrested for possession of methamphetamine, but it was found pursuant to a search warrant based on an offense subsequently found to be unconstitutional. Can the evidence be suppressed?

... your client has a claim against an insurance company. You want to get insurance records from a variety of their claims for punitive damages for bad-faith practices. Can you get the documents?

The answers are in the
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Section Directory
You said you wanted it, so we've done it. Members have indicated that they would like to know others in the Section so they can link to particular practice areas, interests and expertise or make reliable referrals in places where they may not know anyone. It's completely voluntary to participate and the information confidential to other Section members. Click this link to get started.

Document Bank
We have implemented a document bank. If you have a pleading, brief, form or checklist that you would like to share with the other members of the GPSolo Section, post it here. You will also find papers presented at April's General Practice Institute at Baylor Law School

Special notice about email
Distribution of our Digest is exclusively online. We send you an email notice when a new Digest is published,
so that you can review it or download it on your time and we don't fill your email box with a large PDF. Remember, when you paid your dues, you agreed to receive email from us unless we hear from you to the contrary. Every once in a while we get a spam complaint from one of our members. Please don't do that. Just notify the webmaster and he'll take you off the list. If you complain that we are spammers to your ISP, you simply jeopardize the notice to others, and we will remove you from the website database.

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